Twitch Announces New Music Library


Twitch introduced its new feature, Soundtrack by Twitch. With around 1 million royalty-free music, Soundtrack by Twitch seems to be very useful to broadcasters.

Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the world, introduced a new feature to broadcasters. This feature called “Soundtrack by Twitch” brings a permanent solution to copyrighted music, perhaps one of the biggest problems of Twitch broadcasters. With the Soundtrack by Twitch feature, broadcasters will not have copyright issues when adding music to their broadcasts.

Although the music used by Twitch broadcasters during their broadcasts reached the audience during the live broadcast, the places with the copyrighted music were muted in the broadcast replay and the broadcast repetition became unpleasant. Being aware of this situation, Twitch saves publishers from the trouble of copyright with the library it creates.

Soundtrack by Twitch, a massive library of around 1 million royalty-free music

According to the statements from Twitch, broadcasters will be able to reach around 1 million royalty-free music in the Soundtrack by Twitch library. The team did not explain in detail what music is in this library, but we can say that musicians such as Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC and SwuM are the basis of Soundtrack by Twitch.

In fact, Twitch officials recently offered a service similar to Soundtrack by Twitch. Named as the “Twitch Music Library”, this feature allowed broadcasters to access non-copyrighted music. However, the developer team removed the Twitch Music Library feature last year without any explanation.

Soundtrack by Twitch is currently in beta

According to the statements made by Twitch, broadcasters will also encounter some playlists inside the music library. These playlists, with names such as “Sound Pls” and “Beats to Stream”, bring together different music genres. In addition, broadcasters are able to search broadly by direct music genre.

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Twitch’s Soundtrack by Twitch feature has been available to broadcasters as of today under beta. Gamers can access this service with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) compatibility. According to the statements made by the platform, Soundtrack by Twitch will be available to more broadcasters in the coming weeks. Even after the new feature is out of beta, all broadcasters will be able to experience the Soundtrack by Twitch feature.


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