Twist Boy Homelander Soldier Boy Twist was not originally part of the plan


Attention: spoilers for Episode 7 of Season 3 of Boys

“Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke says the twist in episode 7 of season 3 of “Soldier Boy” wasn’t always part of the plan. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson, the 3rd season of “The Boys” has added another deplorable superhero in the person of Jensen Ackles “Soldier Boy” to its list. Unlike its comic book counterpart, who are incompetent and cowardly, Prime Video’s creation was a Homelander from Vought International to Homelander and the epitome of toxic masculinity.

Season 3, episode 7, “Here comes a candle to Light You Up in Bed,” takes this last sentence to a whole new level. Huey, Butcher and Soldier Boys hunt down former Payback members who betrayed the fake Captain America in Nicaragua in 1984, which leads them to Mindstorm, who (presumably) tells Soldier Boy that Stan Edgar wanted him to leave because the scientist Vought John Fogelbaum 3-year-old-old soup, Homelander, already demonstrated excellent potential. In the final moments of the episode, a Soldier Boy calls Homelander and tells him how he shot his squad of little soldiers into a cup for Fogelbaum, who lied about the purpose of the experiment, referring to “some shit about genetics.” In short, Homelander has problems with dad besides his previous problems with mom. While it’s surprising, the boy soldier being the father of the Homelander makes sense in the show’s narrative and seems like an organic twist. However, the creators of “Boys” stumbled upon this when writing the script for season 3, and did not plan it from the very beginning.

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In a recent interview with Variety, Kripke said that he and his writing team initially had no intention of revealing the Boy Soldier as the father of the Homelander in the third season. It was a creative decision made against the background of other paternal/family problems that Billy Butcher is dealing with. , Huey and Mother’s milk. Read what he says below:

“There is an obvious [reason], which is that the Boy Soldier was like the first Homelander. So there is a certain logic that he is the father of the current Homelander. But it was more about really slowing down and paying attention to the themes of the season as they developed. And indeed, in many ways, this season is dedicated to fathers and children. It’s about how fathers can pass on their trauma from generation to generation to their children, especially this toxic cop masculinity that their boys should be the version of masculinity in society. There are all these themes that are all floating around, and it all kind of lands in these stories from father to son. We’re talking about Huey and his father, the Butcher and his father, the Butcher and his son, the Homelander and his son. It wasn’t the very first plan from the very beginning, but when we were just discussing the mythology of the season, someone suggested it and said: “Crazy idea, but what if…?” And I jumped on it. Of course, I like it because many of our main characters deal with the problems of their parents and raising children — mother’s milk too — a homelander has to deal with his father. So it all coincided.”

In an episode where Butcher relives his childhood trauma, risking repeating the same mistakes with Huey, and Mother’s Milk struggles to protect his daughter from her stepfather’s influence, the “Homelander for Boys” twist served as the cherry on top of a well-crafted episode. . Ackles also admitted to Variety that although he was aware of the contextual connection between the boy soldier and the Homelander, their genetic connection came as a complete surprise. The penultimate episode of “Gerogasm”, the penultimate episode of “Boys”, turns out to be just as effective (if not more effective) in developing characters, thereby laying the foundation for the finale of the third season.

Initially, Soldier Boy agreed to help Butcher and Huey destroy Homelander if they would help him find Payback. However, it’s safe to say that Soldier Boy’s agenda has changed. At the end of episode 7, Soldier Boy admits the irony that Wout wants to eliminate him so that Homelander can take over-which he says he would be happy to let Homelander do because “what kind of father wouldn’t want that for his son.” ?” Even if the Boy Soldier is true to his word with the Butcher, this latest discovery will play right on the Homelander’s insecurity and his desire to be loved. In addition, it also implies that Homelander also has a secret biological mother, who may well turn out to be his ex-girlfriend Liberty/Stormfront in the Boys’ season finale.