Twin Mirror, from the creators of Life is Strange


It is a narrative adventure designed by Dontnod Entertainment, in which players will immerse themselves in a psychological thriller.

Dontnod Entertainment became known thanks to the success Life is Strange, although they already began to make noise when they published Remember Me with Capcom. With several games in their backpack and a more than recent Tell Me Why, the also creators of Vampyr return with a title announced long ago, but that will finally see the light. We are talking about Twin Mirror, whose launch is scheduled for December 1. Taking advantage of the opening of the reserves, the French developer has presented a new trailer, which you can see on these lines.

It is not a very long video, since it lasts only 30 seconds. It introduces us to the city where the events will take place. In this new production, the studio has opted for a narrative adventure in which the psychological thriller will prevail. As is usual in its products, Dontnod will bet on the supernatural component. The player will travel inside the mind of the protagonist, who will have to unravel the holes in his memory to discover what really happened. The narrative will drive the development, while the decisions will branch the story in different directions.

Change of formate

Twin Mirror was announced in 2019, but since then there have been major changes. Bandai Namco and Dontnod Entertainment conceived the product as an episodic game. However, the delay is due, in a way, to the decision to market it in a more traditional format. In the case of Tell Me Why, her most recent game, the episodic model was retained, but its three episodes were distributed in a very short period of time. The opposite of what happened with Life is Strange, whose episodes were delayed for months.

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This psychological thriller will put us in the shoes of a character who returns home after a long absence. He does it because one of his friends has passed away. However, the return turns sour when he wakes up drenched in blood and without remembering what happened.

Twin Mirror will be released on December 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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