Twilight: 10 Stars That You Think You Think We Film


Twilight: The films of the Twilight saga have won the heart of the whole world and, even though they were released from 2008, there are still many little-known facts about the franchise. This is the case, for example, of famous actors who participated in the Twilight films, but that no one remembers.

There are so many cases that we decided to prepare a special list for the topic. Check out 10 stars you forgot who participated in the films of the Twilight saga!

10. Christian Serratos

It is likely that you did not notice much of the actress’s participation, but she was in the Twilight saga in the role of Angela. Alongside Jessica, played by Anna Kendrick, she was also one of Bella’s first friends when she arrived in Forks.

Serratos is known for the role of Rosita, a brave fighter in The Walking Dead.

9. Maggie Grace

Like Christian Serratos, Grace also has a part in the universe of The Walking Dead – specifically in Fear The Walking Dead. She plays Althea in the spin-off of the main series, but also participated in Lost, one of the greatest series in history, as well as in the Relentless Search franchise.

In Twilight, Maggie Grace played Irina, the vampire shown in Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2. Her end is tragic because, during the confrontation with the Volturi, she ends up being killed for betraying the Cullen family.

8. Daniel Cudmore

In addition to Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen, among the Volturi there were also other names among famous actors, such as Daniel Cudmore.

In the vampire franchise, he gave life to the character Felix, but his face is also known in the original trilogy of the X-Men films. He played the mutant Colossus!

7. Rami Malek

The actor is one of the main bets in the audiovisual market today. In addition to the iconic role in Mr. Robot, his name has reached great proportions after starring in Bohemian Rhapsody as Freddy Mercury.

In Twilight, he specifically appeared in Breaking Dawn and brought Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire with the ability to control the elements of nature, to life. In the final battle against the Volturi, his presence was essential.

6. Lee Pace

In the Twilight saga, as well as several other names we mentioned earlier, Pace appears in the Breaking Dawn films as Garrett, a nomadic vampire who fights alongside the Cullen family in the final battle.

However, in case you don’t recognize Pace’s face, he appears in Guardians of the Galaxy as the villain Ronan, the Accuser, one of the most powerful beings in the cinematic universe of heroes.

5. JD Pardo

Pardo’s character in the Twilight saga, Nahuel, plays an essential role. He is a half-vampire half-human hybrid and is taken to the final confrontation with the Volturi by Alice as a way of proving that Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter, poses no danger because she is a hybrid, as Nahuel lives peacefully.

His role in Amanhecer ended up bringing visibility and, later, JD Pardo managed to participate in outstanding productions, as is the case of Mayans, MC. In the Son’s of Anarchy spin-off, he plays EZ, the protagonist.

4. Rachelle Lefevre

The actress appeared in Twilight and New Moon as Victoria, the red-haired vampire who hated Bella’s presence and brought a lot of tension to the first films. However, she could have had a lot more visibility, but was eventually replaced in the following films by Bryce Dallas Howard due to conflicts in her schedule.

Despite this, Lefevre was able to participate in important productions such as Under the Dome and Linha de Frente.

3. Graham Greene

Greene is one of the great actors who has already been nominated for an Oscar for his role in Dances With Wolves, a film of the 1990s.

In the Twilight saga, he brought the character Harry Clearwater to life in New Moon, a close friend of Charlie Swan, Bella’s father. Harry ends up dying of a heart attack in a confrontation with Victoria.

2. Wendell Pierce

You are likely to recognize Pierce’s face from productions like Suits and Jack Ryan, but in Twilight, specifically in Breaking Dawn Part 2, he is less prominent, despite being an important character.

Pierce is J. Jenks, the lawyer who produces documents for Jacob and Renesmee to achieve greater freedom.

1. Stephenie Meyer

That’s right, the author of the books of the Twilight saga appears during the films in two moments. In the first film, she appears using the laptop in the scene where Charlie waits for her daughter and, in Breaking Dawn Part 1, she is one of Edward and Bella’s wedding guests.

Fans of the franchise probably already knew about this appearance, but it is very interesting to be left out of our list!