TWICE’s Tzuyu celebrates her birthday with ONCE’s love


The smallest TWICE member is getting all the love from her fans today on her special day. ONCE and desteja the birthday of Tzuyu of TWICE .

Zhou Zi Yu was born in Tainan City, Taiwan on June 14, 1999 , from a very young age, developed a love for singing and dancing, so she asked her mother to enroll her in a school to develop her talents.

One of Tzuyu’s practice videos came into the hands of a JYP Entertainment manager , the company worker asked him to audition to be an apprentice and become an idol .

Very young, she moved to South Korea and pursued her dream of being a singer, she prepared herself to the end and rose to fame in the survival reality show ‘ Sexteen ‘, where she demonstrated all the characteristics that today make her shine on stage together to your TWICE colleagues .

The younger TWICE member is known for her sweet character and very friendly personality , due to her charisma the public has catapulted her as one of the most famous K-pop idols on the Internet.

To celebrate the birthday of a member of TWICE , ONCE created the hashtags #HappyTzuyuDay and #Sweet_Tzuyu_Day , where published messages of love and remembered all the achievements that the singer has achieved in her career as an idol.

TWICE recently debuted on the Billboard 200 music chat with their comeback ‘More & More’, their album sales represented incredible numbers, and the girls ranked high on the chart.


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