TWICE’s Momo celebrates her birthday with a dance


TWICE’s Momo is celebrating, the idol has a birthday and receives all the love from ONCE, plus, she held an online class session.

JYP’s K-pop group is in full promotion of their album “Eyes Wide Open”, with which they commemorated their fifth anniversary. In addition to celebrating the new achievements of the girls with this comeback, ONCE also celebrated another very special day, as Momo, the main dancer, had her birthday since it is already November 9 in South Korea.

Through social networks, ONCE shared congratulatory messages for TWICE’s Momo, with the hashtag #OurPeachMomoDay, fans posted various photos and videos of their favorite moments of the singer, who has become one of the industry’s dancers of Korean pop.

Momo was born in Kyoto Japan and today she celebrated her 24th birthday (25 in Korean age). Her dream as a K-pop idol started in 2012, when she became a trainee of the agency and participated in the survival show “SIxteen”, despite being eliminated from the competition, she received a new opportunity and managed to debut with TWICE.


The idol is known for her great talent for dance, in TWICE’s MV she stands out as being the center of choreography and decided to spend this special day next to ONCE, the singer made a live broadcast through VLive, where she performed a dance cover.

During the dance session, Momo danced to her most recent single “Can’t Stop Me”, she was also accompanied by her faithful pet Boo, who walked around the entire practice room. Another surprise was when she performed with the TWICE managers. The idol interacted with her fans through the platform’s chat and received suggestions for new covers. One of the gifts she received for her birthday was a new win for TWICE on the Inkigayo show.

The girls of TWICE are in promotion with “Can’t Stop Me,” but they also released a musical collaboration with virtual K-pop group K / DA.


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