TWICE’s Jihyo turns 15 since her arrival at JYP Entertainment


TWICE’s Jihyo turns 15 since her arrival at JYP Entertainment. Jihyo never gave up and managed to achieve her biggest dreams. Jihyo went a long way as a trainee before debuting as an idol.

The TWICE leader is a clear example of effort and perseverance , verifying that dreams are fulfilled when you work for them. Although Jihyo faced great challenges before becoming a popular idol, every moment is reflected in her talent and experience .

If you are not familiar with the career of Park Jihyo , we invite you to learn a little of the history that led her to become the star of music we know today.

Jihyo joined JYP Entertainment on July 15, 2005 and became an easy-to-recognize trainee among members of the company due to her young age and funny personality. Her training process lasted 10 years , making her the second longest-running JYP artist as a trainee, only after singer G.Soul.

This time served to improve her skills and prepare to be a star, which is why she was considered one of the girls who would debut in the 6MIX group, a project where Jeongyeon and Nayeon would also be . However, their debut continued to be postponed and some members of the group left the company, terminating the project .

In 2015 a new opportunity came. Jihyo was part of SIXTEEN a survival program where 16 trainees of JYP Entertainment competed to debut in the next girl group company. Jihyo had great difficulties in this show, but overcoming them allowed her to gain self-confidence .

She was placed as one of the finalists and winners of said show, which led her to debut as a member of TWICE , also being the leader of the group.

For this reason, today the ONCEs celebrate one more anniversary of Jihyo’s arrival at JYP Entertainment , as it is a show of strength and inspiration.

Recently, the TWICE girls attended the wedding of Hyerim , a former member of Wonder Girls. This event allowed us to see the good relationship that exists between them and the friendship they maintain.


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