TWICE’s Chaeyoung celebrates her birthday with the love of once


TWICE’s Chaeyoung celebrates her birthday with the love of once. ONCE sends you all your love on this special day.

In the midst of the comeback rumors and the health crisis, ONCE prefers to make the days of the girls and enjoy the happy moments they live in these moments.

Today is a very special day for TWICE, Chaeyoung is celebrating a new year of life. In South Korea it is already April 23 and the idol is receiving all the love from fandom for her 21 years, (22 in Korean age). We tell you the details.

Through the hashtags #HappyChaeyoungDay and #SweetStrawberryChaeyoung , ONCE has shared various messages of support and congratulations on her birthday. The rapper of the group has shown to be very talented when she is so young, but together with her classmates she has become one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop.

On social networks, some fans have published their favorite photos and videos of Chaeyoung, as they have shared several moments during her career. Some ELEVEN have taken the time to write letters for the idol , they have also expressed their good wishes to continue with their dreams.

As usual, some fanbases of the singer carried out various projects to celebrate her birthday , also to promote her career within TWICE .

At various subway stations, advertisements for Chaeyoung were placed, as well as videos and buses decorated with images of the idol. The sale of goods was also carried out, including advertisements on some platforms. Happy birthday Chaeyoung!

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