Twice’s 12 Curiosities That You’ll Love Tzuyu


Find out a little more about Tzuyu’s traits, the TWICE singer and dancer will surprise you with her hidden talents and favorite things.

Chou Tzuyu was born on June 14, 1999 in Taiwan’s Tainan City, the K-pop star started taking dance classes at a young age and was recruited by a talent scout when she was still very young.

The singer competed with many trainees to be part of TWICE’s official lineup, in 2015 she debuted as the youngest member of the girl group represented by the agency JYP Entertainment.

Tzuyu have won the hearts of the public for their angelic appearance and tender personality, the interpreter of ‘FANCY’ is a dedicated girl who showed that hard work is the key to be able to succeed and achieve your dreams.

This time we bring you 12 curious facts about Tzuyu that tell her story before and after fame, discover the most valuable things for the Korean pop celebrity, as well as her habits and traits that make her unique.


  1. Tzuyu has a very defined sleep rhythm, she is the TWICE member who wakes up the earliest, she also has the title of being the idol of the group who sleeps the fastest.
  2. TWICE’s maknae’s most adorable habits are when she stares at a point, the idol often talks to herself.
  3. Tzuyu was one of the songwriters of the song ’21: 29 ‘, the track was included in the record material’ Feel Special ‘.
  4. Tzuyu loves spring, she thinks that it is a perfect season to do any outdoor activity and its climate is ideal, since it is not so hot or too cold.
  5. The idol’s favorite drink is chocolate milk, as it is sweet and at the same time refreshing.
  6. The singer’s life motto is: Hard work will not betray you, if you give your best without getting frustrated, there will be a good result.
  7. The TWICE member has shared that the two foods she loves the most are tonkatsu and kimbap.
  8. Since 2101, Tzuyu has been part of the international list of the most beautiful faces, occupying the first places in the ranking.
  9. Tzuyu’s family has significant purchasing power, her mother is one of the majority shareholders in a large hospital in Taiwan.
  10. One of TWICE’s idol’s favorite groups is SISTAR, the former girl band is Tzuyu’s role model, her bias is Hyorin.
  11. Tzuyu is the tallest member in TWICE, but this seems to make her uncomfortable at times, as she stated that she would have liked to measure a little less
  12. The artist’s favorite animals are dogs, although she also has a great appreciation for rabbits and cats.
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