TWICE Will Release Their Song in English ‘The Feels’


TWICE will release their song in English ‘The Feels’. Finally, the girls will release a song in English! Finally, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE will release their first single in English, titled ‘The Feels‘. It was on August 2nd that the agency unveiled an upcoming release, and started sharing a series of concept photos, like an invitation to a ball.

The concept seems to be teenager, in line with the advance of the English-speaking market.

The move seems correct, as, with her latest album ‘Taste of Love‘, which is located on the Billboard charts as well as on various music portals such as iTunes, he demonstrates the worldwide popularity of the female idol group.

Taste of Love” entered the Billboard 200 at No. 6, a major achievement for a Kpop girl group. In addition, they also ranked #9 on Billboard’s “Artist 100” chart. They even reached #6 on the Rolling Stone album chart.

This isn’t the first time a JYP Entertainment group has released a single entirely in English. The group ITZY has released English versions of their title songs ‘Not Shy’, ‘ICY’, and more, so fans are more than excited about the release of TWICE.


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