TWICE: Tzuyu Stars in Her First Magazine and We Love Her Looks


TWICE Tzuyu is a very talented and beautiful idol, she will be the protagonist of the cover of L’Officiel and she looks amazing. TWICE idols are great and they don’t stop impacting the world inside and outside of music, this time, Tzuyu proves to be the best model for L’Officiel magazine and enchants everyone with her looks.

TWICE is one of the most relevant girl groups in K-Pop today; This group has 9 idols with different talents and abilities on stage. Each one stands out in a unique way and has diverse personalities that end up enchanting ONCE .

With Tzuyu there is no exception, the idol shows us her fiercest side in each performance of the female group, as a singer she is amazing and in dance she also performs in the best way; has a personality very tender and sweet that melts the hearts of her fans . And besides, Tzuyu has an unmatched beauty .

And precisely the beauty of Tzuyu will be captured by the cameras of a very important magazine , the idol for the first time alone will star on a cover and we adore her looks and incredible photographs; Everyone will want to admire the beauty of this idol!


Magazine L’Officiel chose Chou Tzuyu to cover the issue for Malaysia and Singapore , the idol of TWICE shows us their best outfits and poses the best way before the cameras of this publication for your next issue of October .

This is the teaser on their photoshoot :


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And here we can see some photos of the idol :


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Tzuyu looks great, without a doubt it will be a magazine full of fashion and beauty thanks to this incredible K-Pop artist , everyone will want to admire the beauty of the idol and we are happy for her first cover in a magazine as important as L’Officiel .


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