TWICE shares the schedule of activities for their comeback


TWICE reveals their new projects to make their comeback and celebrate their fifth anniversary with ONCE, and shared their schedule of activities.

JYP’s gril group is ready to surprise ONCE with new music, as well as celebrating a very important day for them: the date they debuted as a K-pop group. The girls revealed their plans for next October, will release a full album, and have various activities scheduled for TWICETOBER.


Through their official social media, TWICE shared the first teaser for their comeback, which is scheduled to take place on October 26 with a full album, the second in their career. The idols will also be celebrating their fifth anniversary and releasing special merchandise for ONCE.

The K-pop group published their calendar for TWICETOBER, the girls will have a week of celebration with their fans, from the first days of the month, TWICE will have a full week full of special releases. From October 5 to October 9 they will reveal an anniversary video, but on the 7th there is a suspicious teaser.


TWICE will continue with their schedule in the second week, under the title of “Eyes opening Week”, apparently it is the name of the comeback, because during the days of the 11 to the 17 they will publish the teasers of their new album. On October 19 7 20 they are marked with strange symbols of eyes and the group’s logo, it could be the previews for their return or surprises for ONCE.

Finally, the calendar shows the 26th with a pair of open eyes, as it is the date on which they will make their return with new songs and a new album, there are still no concepts or the type of music they will perform. TWICE also posted on their social media the new merchandise to commemorate the anniversary, which consists of a new lightstick in the form of a bracelet.

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ONCE shared messages of support for the girls, as this month will be very special for both of them, between anniversary celebrations and previews of “Eyes opening”. The group could break the records set by “More & More” and “Fancy.” Are you ready for the new era of TWICE?


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