TWICE shares the Dance Practice of MORE & MORE


The TWICE group revealed the ‘dance practice’ of ‘MORE & MORE’, their most recent comeback.

As is a tradition, after presenting the official video of their comeback, the K-pop groups reveal the clip of ‘dance practice’, a rehearsal where they show their fans all the group choreography and movements about the stage that requires the song that they are promoting.

TWICE shared the ‘dance practice’ of their musical comeback with ‘MORE & MORE’, the JYP Entertainment idols shot the video from one of their company’s practice studios and all wore comfortable clothing in white and pink.

The TWICE group is characterized by its fun songs, difficult dance steps, elaborate choreography and a great talent for synchronizing various choreographic movements of the 9 members of the group.

TWICE’s ‘MORE & MORE‘ dance practice ’, published on the group’s official YouTube channel, quickly had many visits and currently has more than 2 million views and more than 300,000 likes.

Watch the full video of TWICE’s ‘MORE & MORE’ version ‘dance practice’:

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