TWICE Reveals Jeongyeon Will Not Be A Comeback Part


The girls of TWICE will be coming back with a new album, but Jeongyeon will not be in promotions for the new single.

The second half of the year has given us several comebacks from the JYP Entertainment groups. The next premiere will be in charge of TWICE, but the group will not perform with all its members, since Jeongyeon will remain out of the activities and the company has already talked about it.

Eyes Wide Open will be TWICE’s second full album since their debut in the K-Pop industry, and although fans of the group have expressed their excitement over this record material, the news of Jeongyeon concerned ONCE.


Through a statement, the company noted that Jeongyeon will be staying out of the Eyes Wide Open promotions due to the health issues she is currently facing, which will keep her away from cameras and music shows.

The idol has had bouts of anxiety and because of that, it would be difficult for Jeongyeon to continue with her schedule as a member of the group.

In order for the singer to take care of her health, the members of TWICE, Jeongyeon, and the company have decided that the best thing for her is to rest until she recovers, so that it will not be part of the activities that the idol group has scheduled.

TWICE’s new album will be released on October 26, and the group has already revealed which songs we can listen to in said material.

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