TWICE Plans Face-To-Face Concerts In Korea In Late 2021


TWICE released The Feels and with their first single in English new surprises were coming, the K-Pop girl group is preparing a series of face-to-face concerts at the end of 2021 and here we tell you all the details.

At the beginning of October, TWICE released their first English single The Feels and it seems that it was a good luck charm for the idols and ONCE, as they prepare many surprises at the end of 2021. What’s next in the girls’ career?

Well, go preparing your schedule because they made sure that during November TWICE will have a comeback with their third full album, there was talk of a world tour with multiple dates and now the news of a series of face-to-face concerts in Korea has been added.

South Korean media assured that the group led by Jihyo will hold several shows with live audiences , these would be held at KSPO Dome during December 2021. What else do we know about TWICE’s concerts ?

Will TWICE Return To Mexico With Their Tour? All About Their Concerts In Korea

The Fancy interpreters could meet with ONCE on December 24, 25 and 26 at the KSPO Dome with the capacity of 14 thousand people, the face- to- face shows would be subject to change according to the Korean health situation and sanitary measures.

In response, JYP Entertainment assured that they are in the scheduling and organizing phase of TWICE’s end-of-year performance schedule , but they also gave hope to ONCE from other countries.

The agency shared that among the places they have in mind is the US concert, as they will have an extension of the recent tour of the group, could it be that the idols of the K-Pop will return to visit Mexico or Latin America?


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