TWICE opens their official TikTok account


TWICE opens their official TikTok account. Idols are ready to get closer to ONCE on TikTok.

Without a doubt, the last few days have been very difficult for everyone, including idols , who due to the pandemic that continues to spread throughout the world have seen the need to stop all their activities .

However, the crisis over COVID-19 has not been an impediment for celebrities to stay away from fun and their fans . Such is the case of TWICE , who recently decided to get closer to ONCE through TikTok .

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다들 마스크 꼭 끼구 건강잘챙겨요!

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Recently, an account appeared on TikTok that filled the fans of the girl group with joy . Everything seems to indicate that TWICE officially opened a channel on the popular social network; Although no video has been uploaded so far, it appears verified, confirming that the account does belong to the idols .

ONCE did not take long to show their joy regarding this event since it represents a new opportunity to see unpublished content about the TWICE girls . The girl group has joined the large number of idols who already upload fun videos to the platform, such as BTS , Jackson Wang , MAMAMOO , Momoland , Everglow , TXT , Stray Kids , BLACKPINK and more.

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