TWICE motivates fans and idols with their music


TWICE has become one of the most popular K-pop girl groups and their songs have been an emotional support.

The JYP idols just made their comeback with “I can’t stop me,” once again demonstrating their addictive rhythms, vocals, and incredible choreography. Each of their singles has become a fan favorite, as the girls have a unique style that makes their songs impossible to dance or sing.

Last month they celebrated their 5th anniversary, despite having only a five-year track record in Korean entertainment, TWICE has consolidated its popularity in both Korea and Japan. The 9 members have managed to combine their skills to create a talented and cute female group, with a chorus of voices that you will repeat over and over again when you hear songs like “Fancy”, “More & More” or “Likey”.

But more than just making you dance, TWICE has also shown a much more special and emotional side, like Nayeon and Jihyo. The leader of the group admitted that many times she keeps things to herself in order not to worry others or ONCE, something that has given her strength, Nayeon, who suffered some criticism for her appearance, has forged great security herself, so she even chooses her own outfits to feel comfortable in herself.

In the musical aspect, the girls have several lyrics that reflect the importance of love, confidence and self-esteem. “Ponytail” invites you to believe in yourself and never bow your head, “One on a million”, dedicated to ONCE, emphasizes how important and unique you are in the world. “What is love?” it’s about learning about love and experiencing that feeling. Her songs not only help her fans, but also other idols.

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The K-pop girl group also has very inspiring lyrics, such as “Feel Special”, one of the most special, whose lyrics talk about self-love and in the MV each of the girls sings to each other to remind themselves that They are worth a lot.

The SHINee member was motivated by the K-pop group and revealed on his VLive ‘MINHO: I’m Home’ that TWICE became the soundtrack of his military life, as his lively song “Fancy” motivated him to endure the army, also thanked them for making their music help others cheer up.

“Fancy” was one of her most popular songs of 2019, the lyrics of which talk about being in love with a boy and not knowing what to do to control her feelings. SHINee’s idol made her one of his favorites.

The girls of TWICE have also shown great love for animals, some of the singers have several dogs as best friends, meet the idols’ pets.


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