TWICE demonstrates its great power and growth on Spotify during 2021


TWICE is one of the most recognized girl groups within the K-Pop industry and they demonstrate it by reaching millions of listeners on Spotify, thus they demonstrate it by closing 2021 in the best way.

Thanks to all the talents and the great dedication of the TWICE idols, the girl group has stood out and gained great relevance within the K-Pop industry, becoming one of the most listened to worldwide, representing the K-Pop industry very well. musical genre.

ONCE grows more and more, millions of TWICE fans make up its faithful fandom that has given great goals and achievements to the idols of the group over time, in this 2021 it was no exception and with its various releases we saw triumph this female idol group.

With ‘Taste Of Love’, the group’s tenth mini album, TWICE triumphed internationally and ‘Alcohol Free’, the album’s main theme, has been recognized as one of the most popular and listened to songs around the world; Taking into account physical sales and digital platforms, it was a success for the K-Pop group.

This is why precisely on different streaming platforms we can see how TWICE was succeeding throughout 2021 and they close the year celebrating all their achievements thanks to ONCE.

Comparing TWICE’s metrics in 2020 vs. 2021, we can find the great growth of the idol group, noting that it has more and more fans who do not stop listening to them on platforms such as Spotify, where they added listeners, countries and reproductions.

TWICE closes the year with 1.2 billion views, 26.3 million monthly listens in 177 different countries, this represents new records for the girl group compared to 2020.

This is how TWICE has grown through 2021 on platforms like Spotify, thanks to all the support from their fans, the idols even thanked ONCE on Twitter.

To close the year, TWICE is being one of the most recognized groups for their performance throughout 2021, they are still on the top of Billboard, at # 15 on the World Albums chart; while ‘The Feels’ entered the Top 50 Best Songs of 2021 according to Rolling Stone magazine.

This is how TWICE had great success in 2021 and will continue to show their great power and growth in the future, presenting the best for ONCE that never stops their support for idols.