TWICE Chaeyoung Will Not Be Presented In Concerts For Health Problems


A few weeks after TWICE returned to music with ‘Feel Special’, the girl band is already offering its first concerts in Japan. However, health problems among the band members continue and on this occasion it was announced that Chaeyoung will not be able to participate in the upcoming TWICE events.

TWICE is traveling through Japan to perform a series of concerts as part of their TWICELIGHTS tour. However, Chaeyoung had to remain seated during the event because she faces some health problems. So far, JYP Entertainment has not disclosed what disease the idol suffers, but reportedly will be absent in the band’s upcoming concerts until it feels better. Oh no!

TWICE fans soon sent Chaeyoung her best wishes and hope she can feel better soon. The hashtag #GetWellSoonChaeyoung became a trend on Twitter and fans of the band let him know that they are always there to support her.

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