TWICE and BTS lead the third generation of K-pop


TWICE and BTS lead the third generation of K-pop thanks to their records, the two groups lead the female and male side in South Korea.

TWICE becomes the third-generation K-pop leading girl group thanks to their K-pop records, album sales, awards, and international music charts.

The JYP girls have managed to consolidate their place within the Korean industry, with catchy singles such as “Fancy”, “Likey”, “What is love?”, “More & More” , among others. They recently changed their K-pop style and concept to start a new stage in their career and released the single “Cry for me”, demonstrating their maturity and musical evolution.

The K-pop is experiencing a second boom in popularity and international recognition, with 7 and 5 years respectively, BTS TWICE and have crownedleaders of the third generation , as their achievements in sales, charts and awards have surpassed the records of any artist in the industry.

The female group has been characterized by its incredible choreography, replicated by several fans, TWICE stands out in its vocals, dance and rap, talent that has managed to conquer ONCE . With “More & More” they achieved their first ranking on the Billboard 200 chart , a list that BTS knows very well thanks to the # 1 they have reached. Their girl and boy power allows them to share in Korean success.


According to the latest recorded figures, TWICE became the female group with the most awards in Korean music shows and music ceremonies, this weekend they obtained their seventh award on Inkigayo, adding 9 triple crowns throughout their career. BTS also has the highest number of awards won by male idols and they take every comeback by storm. Both have the highest number of physical sales of boys and girls.

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In Japan, the second largest market for K-pop, TWICE has positioned 4 songs, (Happy Happy, Candy Pop, Wake me upy and Breakthroug) as Best Seller on the top of Oricon, the most important platform in the country. BangtanHe has done it with Lights, Boy with Luv, Fake Love, DNA, among others. TWICE’s

most recent achievement was staying 48 days in Spotify’s global daily top with “I can’t stop me” , being one of the most played songs on the platform. The girls have become a new idol benchmark thanks to their success, leading the female side, while BTS does so in the male team.

The girls of TWICE not only succeed in music, they are also fashion pioneers. Chaeyoung imposed a new style of nails.


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