TWICE album Eyes Wide Open releases band teasers


TWICE reveals new group teasers for their new album “Eyes Widen Open,” the idols wore stylish outfits for their comeback.

YG’s girl group is ready for their musical comeback with their second full album, ONCE will be able to enjoy new songs prepared by the idols, there are only two weeks left for TWICE to reveal “Eyes Wide Open”, a release with which they will celebrate their fifth anniversary As a K-pop group, the girls revealed stylish new photos.


Through their official social networks, TWICE revealed the new teasers for “Eyes Wide Open”, their new album. For this comeback, the group will have a very special concept, as they will celebrate the five years that they have been in Korean pop, Halloween will be a party full of music for ONCE and the JYP idols.

The group published three different images, the girls modeled two different types of outfits for the concept of “Style” and “Story” of the album, whose promotional song will be “I can’t stop me”, which promises to be such a new viral hit. and how their previous releases have been. ONCE shared messages of support and continue the countdown to the comeback.


One of the first photos is reminiscent of “More & More”, as they are all surrounded by colorful flowers and pose in front of the camera in elegant black dresses that highlight their features and skin tone, as well as being the perfect tone for the holidays. horror from TWICETOBER.

In another of the images, the girls modeled like all successful and elegant women. Each of the members posed with an outfit in gray tones, some with a skirt and ankle boots, others with white pants and shirts, they also wore jackets and various necklaces, jewelry and earrings that highlighted their beauty. The colors of her blue, blonde, red and brown hair complemented her look.

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“Eyes Wide Open” will be released on October 26, the album will have three different versions and individual covers for the CDs. In the coming days, TWICE will release more teasers and first sneak peeks for the MV!

TWICE also revealed the official track list for their comeback.


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