Tweets Asking for Trump to Die from COVID-19 to Ban


Twitter announced that Tweets containing death wishes about Donald Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19, may have to be removed. The platform also said that accounts can be placed in read-only mode.

As you know, the President of the United States of America Donald Trump announced on Twitter that his wife and himself tested positive for COVID-19. Trump also stated that they immediately started the quarantine and recovery process in his post.

After Donald Trump’s announcement, some Twitter users spoke heavy words to Trump. Users have made it clear that they want the US President, who made some false statements and decisions about the coronavirus, to die due to the coronavirus. The reason for the increase of these Tweets came from Twitter.

Tweets may have to be removed:

Making a statement to Motherboard, Twitter announced that users are not allowed to share their Tweets on the platform openly about wanting Trump’s death. The social media giant said that such Tweets ‘will have to be removed’ and the account sharing the Tweet could be put into read-only mode.

In addition, Twitter Comms official account shared a statement on the subject. That posted statement said, ‘Tweets wishing death, serious bodily harm, or fatal illness against any person are not allowed and must be removed. This does not automatically mean a suspension. ‘ statement and an article showing the measures to be taken by Twitter on this issue.

In another statement to Motherboard, Twitter stated that they will not take action for every Tweet and prioritize the removal of content when there is a clear call to action that could potentially harm in the real world. How Twitter separates these Tweets from each other is currently unknown.

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Facebook, another social media giant, follows a different policy in this regard. Facebook takes action against someone who is tagged in an offensive post or comment about someone with a large audience. So as long as you don’t tag that person on Facebook, you can say whatever you want about that person. The policies followed by the two social media giants are quite opposite to each other.


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