Tweet Said From PlayStation 5 Soon Goed Viral


A tweet that a Twitter user claimed to have tweeted from PlayStation 5 soon went viral. The tweet, which received more than 200 thousand likes, was shared tens of thousands of times.

Japanese technology giant Sony is preparing to launch the next generation game console PlayStation 5 all over the world as of November, but the company prefers to appear and disappear instead of loudly promoting its new console. Sony’s policy causes gamers to create their own excitement for the PS5.

The tweet recently shared by a Twitter user named Daytona quickly went viral and has now received more than 200,000 likes and more than 22,000 retweets. “Are you still using ‘Twitter for iPhone’?” The thing that makes the written tweet to such a wide audience is that it writes “Twitter for SONY PlayStation 5” for the device it is shared with.

Twitter tweet for SONY PlayStation 5

It is too early to be certain as the PlayStation 5 has not been released yet, but estimates regarding Daytona’s tweet; that the tweet was not actually sent from a PlayStation 5, and Twitter was misled by a third party software to reveal such a “sent device text”.

Last week the PlayStation perform explanation finally be curious about 5 Sony PS5 for release on November 12th as announced. The standard version of the PlayStation 5, which will appear in two versions, will have a price tag of 499.99 euros and the Digital Edition version without disc drive will have a price tag of 399.99 euros.

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