Tweet quoting feature has arrived to Twitter!


Twitter has begun testing a new feature that will cover all of its users. Twitter will now call the feature used to add comments within the retweet as “tweet quoting”. Unlike replying to a tweet, it will be easier to follow posts that give an opinion. A video was also shared from the feature called Tweet excerpt.

Twitter launches tweet quoting feature

As you know, retweets with comments can sometimes be difficult to follow. Solving this confusion, the Twitter team made retweets with comments more practical by naming them as quote tweets. Now we will be able to see the comments made to any tweet on the same tweet.

The shared video explains the new feature quite simply. This feature, which is not much different from replying to a tweet, allows us to make the reply as a retweet. This feature was found similarly, but will be easier to follow from now on. To use the new Twitter feature, you should click the retweet button as before, then click the “tweet quoting” button.

The feature is available for both web and mobile users. If you can’t see this feature in the retweet tab, make sure your app or browser is up to date.


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