TWD: Daryl and Carol’s Spin-Off Series Must Be Very Different From The Original


Everything indicates that The Walking Dead spin-off centered on Daryl and Carol will be very different from the main series of the franchise. Although AMC’s TWD is coming to an end after 11 seasons, the franchise is far from over, with Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: A New Universe (both available on Amazon Prime Video) still in the works and more Rick Grimes-centric series and movies on the way.

Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, is an original character in the series and has never been in the comic book the series is based on. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) has appeared in the comic books, but in a much smaller role than the one that made the show’s huge success: the journey of a woman subjugated by her husband who goes through the good times and becomes a real badass . Their friendship is crucial in the series and that’s why it was chosen to continue after the end of TWD.

Who told that the spin-off that revolves around two of the fan’s favorite characters — present in the saga since its inception — will be different from The Walking Dead was the actor who gives life to Daryl, during an interview with IMDb.

Reedus, who said he couldn’t say much about it, revealed that the series will be unlike anything that has come before and explained that the show won’t just be like an episode of The Walking Dead centered around the two of them, but something completely new and different.

Scott Gimple, the show’s showrunner, also spoke a little about the matter, saying that the show will be more like a friends trip series rather than post-apocalyptic fights. From the tone of the show to the stories told, the departure from the flagship series will be welcomed.

While The Walking Dead is grim, we can probably expect something lighter after the series’ farewell. Daryl and Carol’s spin-off is set to debut in 2023, giving the cast and crew nearly a year and a half to development. As TWD’s final season ends in 2022, the gap between series shouldn’t be too long.

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