TVXQ lived great moments during their Beyond concert …


The members of TVXQ presented their ‘Beyond Live’ concert and the interactions with their fans gave incredible moments to the audience that enjoyed their musical work.

TVXQ is one of the most legendary K-pop groups in South Korean pop music, the duo has spent much of their career in countries like Japan and China, where their fame and popularity is enormous.

The official debut of TVXQ was on December 26, 2003, the first single they released was ‘Hug ‘, just three months after having released their song they managed to reach the first place on all the music charts.

Now, the group made up of Yunho and Changmin, performed at the online festival ‘Beyond Live’, where they reviewed their most successful songs and idols were able to interact with their fans up close despite the distance.

The hashtag #TVXQ_BeyondLIVE became a trend on Twitter in several countries, fans expressed their love and affection for Yunho and Changmin who entertained with their best tracks ‘Beyond the T’.

One of the most iconic songs in K-Pop is Mirotic, the guys from TVXQ showed a powerful choreography and gave their fans an unforgettable performance.

The technology
As in all Beyond Live concerts, the use of technology impacted the audience, in this case a helicopter flying over the stage and a whale were appreciated.

Support from other Idols
Some of the members of NCT Dream enjoyed the TVXQ concert, chatted with them a bit and showed their support at all times.

Fans enjoyed the show of this song, Yunho and Changmin filled the stage with their vocal and dance talents, an unforgettable moment for TVXQ fans.

Messages to fans
Yunho and Changmin expressed their affection to Cassiopeia, they told them that they hoped that the concert would be a distraction in these difficult moments that the world population is going through.

Greetings in Spanish
The guys from TVXQ addressed their fans in different languages, the two singers thanked Cassiopeia in Spanish for their support and attendance at the ‘Beyond the T’ concert.

This song released on April 6 of this year, was the promotional song for MAX’s first mini album. This tune is beloved by all the fans who enjoyed the TVXQ idol stage work.


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