TvOS 15 Beta: How To Install On An Apple TV?


tvOS 15 Beta: how to install on an Apple TV? The next major software update for Apple TV will come with tvOS 15. While it won’t be widely available before the fall, users who are part of Apple’s public beta program can try it out now. You can be familiar with tvOS 15 innovations before Apple’s official distribution. Especially if you want to see how Apple’s upcoming SharePlay feature offers on TV, you can install tvOS 15 Public Beta by following the steps listed below.

In fact, the tvOS 15 innovations that Apple has announced so far are not so many. For example, you will not see a big change in the tvOS interface. Nevertheless, the upcoming innovations should not be ignored.

Let’s make a warning though. Once you install tvOS 15 on a newer Apple TV 4K box, there’s no going back. Removing the beta version from your Apple TV may not be possible on newer models. Resetting the Apple TV HD requires connecting it to your computer via a USB-C cable, but this is not possible with Apple TV 4K boxes. So, a situation similar to the watchOS 8 Public Beta seems to apply here as well.

What new features are coming with tvOS 15?

First, tvOS 15 will bring SharePlay support to Apple TV and allow users to watch movies and TV shows with others via FaceTime on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Thus, it will enter Apple’s group monitoring features, which are largely supported by independent services.

There were several streaming services that Apple stated will support this feature during WWDC 2021. These include Disney Plus, Twitch, Hulu, and Prime Video. But as Apple notes, we’ll likely see broader support for streaming platforms before tvOS becomes officially available in the fall. Apple also noted that any content streaming service could benefit from it.

With tvOS 15, users will see two new lines in the Apple TV app: For All and Shared With You. When Shared With You is enabled, content shared with a user via Messages will show here. For all of you, it will show content that Apple considers appropriate for everyone in the household.

Some additional features coming to Apple TV in tvOS 15 include spatial audio support with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, and on-screen connection notifications for AirPods. Additionally, HomeKit allows users to view multiple camera feeds simultaneously. Finally, the update will support pairing two HomePod mini speakers with an Apple TV 4K.

What devices is tvOS 15 compatible with?

  • Apple TV 4K (2021)
  • Apple TV 4K (2017)
  • Apple TV HD

How to install tvOS 15 Beta?

  • Sign up for Apple’s beta program on your computer or sign in if you’re an existing member.
  • After signing in go to tvOS tab
  • Go to the “Get Started” section of the tvOS beta page and click the “enroll your Apple TV” link to register your Apple TV.
  • Now go to the settings menu on your Apple TV and select “Users & Accounts”. Make sure you’re signed in with the Apple ID you used to sign up for the beta program.
  • From the Settings menu, go to System > Software Update and select “Get Public Beta Updates”
  • Once this setting is enabled, update your Apple TV from your system settings.

How to factory reset Apple TV HD?

If you are not satisfied with working with the beta version, there is no chance of returning the Apple TV 4K. However, you can restore Apple TV HD to factory settings.

  • Disconnect both the HDMI and power cables from the device, then connect them to your computer using a USB-C cable. Apple recommends connecting Apple TV HD to a Mac running macOS Catalina or later.
  • Open Finder on your computer and choose “Restore” from the Apple TV menu
  • If you are trying to reset your box with a PC, you have to use iTunes to restore the Apple box from the Source list. The same is true for Macs running Mojave or older.


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