TV star Tunesha Sharma Committed Suicide on The Set of Her Show, and Her Colleague in The Film Was Arrested


It is reported that actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of an Indian TV show on Saturday. The rising star was filming scenes for Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul, the popular Sony SAB show in which she stars, when she allegedly went to the toilet. When she didn’t return, others on set reportedly kicked down the door and found her hanged. She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors could not save her. She was only 20.

After her tragic death, the police arrested her co-star Shizan Mohammed Khan. The 28-year-old hero of Ali Baba allegedly met with Tunisha Sharma fifteen days before her death. She was reportedly distraught over the breakup, and based on her mother’s complaint, Khan was arrested for “inciting suicide.” According to the Indian Express, Vasai’s court ordered him to spend the next four days in police custody. Khan’s lawyer met with the media yesterday and, according to AIN, called the charges “baseless.” He claims that the police have his client’s phone number, and they have not found any evidence to support “incitement” to suicide.

Tunisha Sharma became known as a popular child actress. She was first introduced in the show Maharana Pratap, and then starred as a younger version of Katrina Kaif in several films. Kaif is one of Bollywood’s most popular and highly paid actresses, and this connection helped propel her career forward, as she landed several major roles, including the lead role in Ali Baba, in which 108 episodes were shown before her death.

Little is known about Khan and Sharma’s relationship or what could have led to their breakup. However, this case is attracting a lot of media attention in India, so more details are likely to emerge. It is reported that the police have already spoken to fourteen people, including some colleagues on the series, who told the media that their relationship was known on the set.

The actress, who had more than a million followers, posted the following on Instagram just a few hours before her death…

 The investigation into Tunisha Sharma’s death will move forward as local police continue to gather new evidence. It is reported that she will be cremated later this week as soon as family members arrive from another city.

If you have ever experienced a feeling of self-harm or you just needed someone to talk to, call the suicide prevention hotline. In the United States, this number is 988, and most other countries have their own versions that are readily available. Information can be found here.


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