TV Series of the Week: The return of the 100 season 7


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the production of films and series, and this is reflected in TV programming, which has few new productions currently being shown.

The highlight of the Series for the Week schedule goes to the return of The 100 after a short hiatus, leaving now for the final stretch of four episodes that will close Season 7 and the series as a whole.

L.A.’s Finest, starring Jessica Alba, returns to TV this week for Season 2. In addition, HBO comes with three major series, two shown on TV and one exclusively on streaming HBO Max. Lovecraft Country hosts the 5th episode, while the documentary The Vow and the series by Ridley Scott Raised by Wolves advance.

After the premiere of the first three episodes, The Boys will have this week the 4th chapter of the 2nd season on Amazon Prime Video. Other highlights are the arrival of the animation Madagascar: A Little Wild in Hulu, the premiere of the 2nd season of The Division on Globoplay and The Duchess and Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix. Family Business, The Gift and StarBeam arrive on Netflix for Season 2.

Check out what else will be shown this week on TV and streaming:

Monday (07/09)

Madagascar: A Little Wild (Season 1 premiere on Hulu)

Record of Youth (Premiere on Netflix – unpublished episode 1×1)

Tuesday (09/09)

StarBeam (Season 2 premiere on Netflix)

Wednesday (09/09)

The Home Edit – The Art of Organizing (Season 1 premiere on Netflix)

Tension Line (Premiere on Netflix)

Woke (Season 1 premiere on Hulu)

L.A.’s Finest (Unpublished episode – 2×1)

The 100 (Unpublished episode – 7×13)

Thursday (10/09)

Julie and the Phantoms (Season 1 premiere on Netflix)

Memórias de Idhún (Season 1 premiere on Netflix)

The Division (Premiere of the 2nd season on Globoplay)

The Gift (Season 2 premiere on Netflix)

Raised by Wolves (Unpublished episode – 1×4)

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Unpublished episode – 1×6)

Friday (9/11)

The Duchess (Season 1 premiere on Netflix)

Family Business (Season 2 premiere on Netflix)

The Boys (Unpublished episode – 2×4)

Room 104 (Unpublished episode – 4×8)

Sunday (09/13)
Lovecraft Country (Unpublished episode – 1×5)

The Vow (Unpublished episode – 1×4)


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