TV For Games: What Changes From An LCD To An OLED?


TV For Games: As with games, display technology is constantly evolving. Tube televisions already represent a very distant past, and today we have OLED technology as the definitive one for those looking for the best gaming experience (this option is the most “evolved” because it presents better image quality, providing a more immersive experience for the players). In addition, the extremely low response time and some features exclusive to certain models make these televisions ideal for gaming.

But what is the difference of OLED TVs for games and why should gamers choose these models instead of a traditional LCD that uses common LED as a backlight? Present in LG TVs, OLED technology can really change the way players relate to content.

Technology for TV gamers

At the time of consoles such as Mega Drive, Super Nintendo and PlayStation, the predominant technology in televisions was CRT TV, from the famous tube TVs. In the 2000s, some video games, such as PS2, Game Cube, Dreamcast and Xbox, began to partner with increasingly thin TVs with new technologies, such as LCD, plasma and LED. These last three types of panel (and their variations) have followed players over the past few years.

In the latest generation of consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X -, it is possible to count on a technology that surpasses the others in several aspects. OLED gamers TVs are even thinner, offer more clarity, have greater definition and very low response time, details that make all the difference when playing. This technology is the natural evolution for gamers who always seek the best in their gambling.

What changes in an OLED gamer TV?

We already understand that OLED TVs for games represent the next level for gamers who do not want to be stuck in time, but what this technology can offer gamers good, in particular, to have a different experience and help when playing ?

That is what we are going to understand now. Check out the benefits of having a smart TV for OLED games.


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