Turtle Rock Studios, from Back 4 Blood, Is Purchased By Tencent


Turtle Rock Studios, responsible for games like Back 4 Blood and Evolve, was bought by giant Chinese company Tencent this week, following a long shopping list. In all, the company acquired no fewer than six video game studios throughout 2021 alone!

So you don’t lose count, this year Tencent acquired Klei Enterainment and Fatshark (in January), Yager (June), and Sumo Digital and Stunlock Studios (July). Now, both Turtle Rock and Slamfire Inc. become part of Tencent, although the creator of Left 4 Dead continues to maintain its autonomy to work independently.

A good sign of this is that this acquisition will have no impact on their latest release, Back 4 Blood, which was published by WB Games. Even with the purchase, the game will continue to receive support as usual and the studio will be able to work freely on its next project.

Without a doubt Tencent, which already owned other giants like Riot Games, is investing more and more heavily in the field. Who will be the next studio in your sights? Do you venture any guesses? Comment below!