Turtle Discovered in India Goes Viral on Twitter


An extremely rare yellow Indian winged shell turtle was discovered in India. It also happened that the photos of the turtle went viral when they were shared on the internet.

A yellow-colored Lissemys punctata (Indian winged conch turtle) was found in the state of West Bengal, India, one of the leading countries in the world regarding “strangeness” as well as on population, economy and other issues.

The Indian winged shell turtle lacking tyrosine pigment due to a mutation or congenital disorder was found in a village in West Bengal. Indian wing-shell turtles living in South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar are extremely rare in yellow.

The Indian wing shell turtles usually measure between 22 and 35 centimeters in size and feed on frogs, snails, and aquatic plants. The yellow-colored members of these lovely creatures were first seen last July, and the newly discovered yellow Indian wing-shell turtle became the second of its kind.

Debashish Sharma of India’s Forest Service shared photos of her Twitter followers after the discovery of the yellow Indian winged shell turtle, and the cute live quickly went viral. You can see Twitter users’ posts about the yellow Indian winged shell turtle right below.


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