Turtle Beach Recon 500 review. Quality Sound For PC And Consoles


Turtle Beach presents an addition to the Recon gaming headset catalog that seeks to offer an affordable option that is compatible with various consoles. When choosing headphones focused on gaming, we find a wide range of options and brands available. From those specifically designed for a console to those that broaden your scope and offer audio quality adaptable to any platform. This is the case of the Turtle Beach Recon 500 that we are dealing with, a mid-range option offered by the renowned company for those looking for a gaming headset to accompany them on their adventures on the other side of the screen. They are already on sale for a price of €79.99, in two models of different colors, and after trying them for a few days here we will tell you what we think.

So are the Turtle Beach Recon 500

To begin with, what first catches our attention is its exterior design. With a white and gray camouflage pattern or a simpler black alternative, it is a look intended to enhance the spirit of shooters, a genre around which the concept of these headphones revolves. “Feel the revolution” or “Hear everything. Defeat them all” are the slogans that we see appear on the product box and its official page to describe helmets focused on playing.

The Recon 500 is designed to be durable while being comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. Although it is true that after taking a first look at them, we probably believe that we will not last many hours with them on, since the hard plastic material of the headband invites us to think something like that, the viscoelastic foam pads that it presents for the ears and the head counter this idea. In addition, its type of design makes it easy to wear glasses at the same time, since the pad ends a little higher than the temple. In this way, a space is freed for the temples of the glasses in question, thus avoiding the typical pressure that other headphones can generate and thus generate a headache after a few hours of play.

Now we come to the really important thing: the sound. The performance of the earphones is quite amazing in this regard as the new dual 60mm drivers provide more than decent audio quality. In both low and high frequencies, it allows us to hear voices, gunshots, explosions and the roar of an engine clearly and realistically, without losing power.