It turns out that Vivo uses the same IMEI on more than 13 thousand phones


The process, which started with an Indian deputy commissioner checking the IMEI number on his phone, ended with Vivo’s use of the same IMEI address on tens of thousands of phones. The company was notified of the matter, but Vivo still has not made a statement about it.

Every mobile phone has its own IMEI number. This 15-digit number is required to identify and track phones. It is also known that IMEI numbers are required for police officers to catch criminals or to investigate phones under investigation.

It is clearly stated in the laws that all phones manufactured in India must have a different IMEI number. It is clearly stated in the law that crimes such as IMEI copying will be punished, and it is stated that this crime is the reason for a prison sentence of up to 3 years.

Vivo uses the same IMEI numbers on their mobile phones

All investigations began when a deputy commissioner from the Meerut Police Force sent his phone to the service. When the officer whose phone was changed by the authorized service realized that the IMEI of the phone was the same, he started his research on the subject. Vivo started an investigation for India and continued his research for 5 months.

Meerut’s cyber agency sent the IMEI number to the phone’s line provider to collect data to reveal incidents. It was exactly at that time that things happened. It has been determined that more than 13,500 phones of Vivo registered in the same IMEI address are actively used in different cities of the country.

Authorized Harmanjit Singh sent a statement to Vivo based on Chapter 91 of the CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code). Vivo has not made a statement yet, but we anticipate that it will soon respond to the question marks in the mind of Indian citizens.

As we mentioned above, the IMEI number is used to locate lost or stolen phones using phone line provider data. If another phone that coincides with your phone’s IMEI number is found, the IMEI number goes beyond its purpose, making tracking the phones impossible. You can find out your IMEI number by opening your number team and dialing * # 06 #, even now, to stay away from this crime, which has a big penalty. If you observe a mismatch with the IMEI number you checked in your phone settings, we strongly recommend that you contact an official immediately.


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