It turns red! Jennifer Lopez does it … in the car!


2020 is presumably the year of Jennifer Lopez. That of Puerto Rico will finally achieve the recognition that it had been looking for so long. Many consider it the winner of the Golden Globes, others, although the candidates have not yet come out, give it as the Oscar winner to the best leading actress. An award that will raise her to the altars of Hollywood and for which she has been fighting for many years.

She, who began the career as a singer, never closed the doors to acting. Although few trusted her, perhaps only she herself trusted her abilities, she has not given up. Nor has he ever left music aside. She is still the Latin queen par excellence. There is no year without one of its themes reaching the top positions in the music charts of the United States, South America, Spain … It is a global phenomenon.

At 50, he continues to exercise regularly. That has served to be one of the most desired and most sought after women in the world. It is an icon of beauty and an example for all those young women who want the passage of time does not affect them. Jennifer López has managed to tame the passage of time and seems to have stopped it. Each time with the firmer body and the most slender figure. Her beauty secret is daily work and discipline. There’s no more.

We have been able to see her with tight pants and a red top taking a picture next to her car. The red car also gives us an iconic image of a woman who has challenged everyone and everything to get out of nowhere and get everything. A woman of arms to take with whom we have all dreamed of.


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