Turns out that Microsoft is trying to buy Pinterest


Within Microsoft, there is LinkedIn, which can be defined as the “social network of professionals”. However, the software giant’s involvement with social networks seems a little more than that. Microsoft recently checked the pulse for Pinterest, according to The Financial Times.

It was stated in the news that the talks were held recently, but they are currently stopped. If this sale had occurred, it would have been Microsoft’s biggest purchase ever. Pinterest is currently valued at $ 51 billion.

The main reason Microsoft is interested in Pinterest seems to be the company’s expansion in the cloud space. The software giant is trying to convince large online services to use the Azure platform. The market in question is currently dominated by Amazon’s Amazon Web Services platform. It is thought that the presence of a platform like Pinterest can bring new users to Amazon.

Microsoft had taken a similar approach to buy TikTok. Had this deal been made, TikTok would have accessed a large data set to Microsoft. TikTok, which would also benefit Microsoft’s other services, was expected to function as an advertising tool for Azure.

Microsoft has not reached an agreement for Pinterest at the moment. However, the company made other remarkable acquisitions during the Satya Nadella period. The software giant paid $ 26.2 billion for LinkedIn. GitHub and Bethesda also joined Microsoft for $ 7.5 billion.


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