Turnip Boy Robs Bank and Appears in Xbox Game Pass


Snoozy Kazoo announced “Turnip Boy robs the Bank”, the continuation of the game “Turnip Boy evades taxes” and the return to the Xbox Game Pass. “The Turnip Boy commits Tax Evasion” caught many by surprise by launching it in mid-2021 and attracted attention with its curious premise. The game about tax evasion, committed by a loving turnip, causes, to put it mildly, surprise. Now Snoozy Kazoo is back and escalating the experience, just like a Turnip Boy escalating his criminal offenses.

The heart of the game “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” was a dedication to stupidities that are rarely found in many modern games. Mix a lot of clever puzzles and a fair amount of oddities, and Snoozy Kazoo has created something special. However, what really brought the “Turnip Boy” to a new level is the Xbox Game Pass. This attracted an audience to the game that might not have seen it otherwise, and this may be responsible for the new sequel.

“The Turnip Boy Robs the Bank” is a direct sequel to “The Turnip Boy Evading Taxes”, and in general it seems to be a very similar experience. Players will explore and rob the bank in roguelike gameplay, as Snoozy Kazoo has created a new set of weapons for equipment and enemies for battle. That same sense of humor is also back when the Turnip Boy joins the Pickled Gang for their new crimes. And in general, the world of Turnip Boy will be available for study.

What’s particularly interesting about Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is not only that it’s the release of the first day of the Xbox Game Pass, but also that it seems to be focused on the launch of the Xbox Game Pass. The confirmed platforms at the moment are PC and Xbox One. That may change over time, but since “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” was introduced on both PlayStation and Switch, an announcement dedicated to the Xbox Game Pass could mean a deeper partnership after the success of the first game.

Partnering with Xbox Game Pass makes a lot of sense for the Turnip Boy Robs a Bank game. Firstly, it’s a small project that really needs to be available for new players to find it. Also, it’s a very fast time for a new game. “The Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” will be released in 2021, and “The Turnip Boy Robs the Bank” will be released in 2023. Xbox Game Pass is well suited for a relatively small iterative step forward for a small project.

Turnip robs the bank is also of great importance for the Xbox Game Pass service. This is a unique game that combines elements of a bagel and humor, and an Xbox Game Pass subscription needs a diverse selection of games to keep subscribers happy. I hope that the “Turnip Boy robs the Bank” will be successful for all participants.

Turnip Robs the Bank is coming out in 2023 on PC and Xbox One.


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