Turner & Hooch: Police Comedy Series Canceled On Disney+


Turner & Hooch: The crime comedy series Turner & Hooch will not win a 2nd season on Disney+. The streaming has yet to reveal the reason for the cancellation of the title starring Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) which serves as the sequel to the film An Almost Perfect Duo (1989), which had Tom Hanks in the main role.

Due to its nostalgic appeal, the production that debuted on the platform on July 21st caught the attention of fans, while also conquering a new audience. The attraction focuses on the adventures of Scott Turner (played by Peck, son of Hanks’ character) alongside his canine partner, a legacy left by his father.

In an interview before the news, actor Reginald Veljohnson (interpreter for Mayor David Sutton) had already told Comicbook.com that the future of the series was something uncertain at Disney+. “As far as I know, [Disney] is trying to sell [Turner & Hooch] to another stream or broadcaster. That’s what I heard. I believe we are not going to resume production. It was fun to make and work with the whole team, and if one day [the project comes back] I’ll be there. But if not, I was happy with the experience”.

Synopsis by Turner & Hooch

“The life of the young and systematic bailiff Scott Turner is turned upside down when he inherits Hooch, a messy, drooling dog. But despite causing a lot of trouble, his new pet has its perks: It can help Scott catch criminals, find true love, and maybe even solve the mystery of Scott’s father’s latest case.”

In addition to Peck and Veljohnson, the series’ cast includes Carra Patterson (Jessica Baxter), Brandon Jay McLaren (Xavier Wilson), Lyndsy Fonseca (Laura Turner), Anthony Ruivivar (Chief James Mendez), Jeremy Maguire (Matthew Garland) and Vanessa Lengies (Erica Mouniere).