Turn your WhatsApp into a digital classroom


Learn about the best features and tools of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web to take advantage of when back to school online

The prolongation of the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico brought with it the new modality of online distance classes that began only on August 24 and complaints and problems have already arisen in the new school year, especially in communication and connection, both for teachers as students. That is why we will share with you some functions and tools of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web to turn the application into a virtual classroom.

The world is experiencing a never-before-seen back to school through televisions and electronic devices, making a completely digital experience mandatory due to the risks of contagion by COVID-19. Now more than ever it is necessary to take advantage of all the tools at our disposal, such as WhatsApp, which allows the sending of messages and documents among other functions that can improve online classes.

Communicate with colleagues and teachers without adding them to WhatsApp
One of the best features of WhatsApp is that the teacher does not need to add all the students to start the chat, how? Through the “universal chat link” tool. This will allow you to share a link so that anyone can join the conversation without having to add the phone number to the phonebook.

The feature is useful for students as they will be able to message their peers without saving the contact, all they have to do to get the universal chat link is the following:

From the web browser of your preference, go to https://wa.me/

In the part of (number) you must remove the brackets and add the telephone number of the teacher or colleague, starting with the code of your country (in Mexico it is 52)
Once inside the league choose “send message” and that’s it! the new conversation will have started.

Send tasks and documents by WhatsApp

Although email is the usual option for sending documents and assignments, WhatsApp also allows the transfer of Word, PDF, jgp, tiff, Power Point and Excel files with a limit of up to 100 MB.

This way you will avoid lost files in the inbox or errors in the email address, so you can work as a team or receive the final documents from your students.

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Video calls in Messenger Rooms

On many occasions, WhatsApp video calls are the ideal solution to explain some issues or resolve doubts, especially now that the limit has been expanded to 50 participants with the integration of Messenger Rooms.

Through this tool, users can participate in the virtual meeting without having a WhatsApp account or being in their Facebook friends, you will only need the link to enter the room.

Mailing lists

Sometimes WhatsApp groups turn out to be conflicting and information gets lost in the whole conversation. That is why broadcast lists play an important role in back to school, allowing you to send the same message or file to all the contacts you choose without having to copy and paste or forward it infinitely.

To create a distribution list you must click on
Broadcast lists at the top of the screen
Choose New broadcast
Add to the contacts you want to include in your communication.
Write, attach and send your information in bulk. As simple as that!

WhatsApp groups

Although they can be a headache, do not demonize WhatsApp groups or detract from their functionality, especially when attending various classes or projects. Communication and limits will be the key to your success.

If you are an administrator of a group, you can determine the name that helps you better identify each conversation and even filter who can send messages to the chat: all participants or only administrators, with this you can have absolute control of the class and avoid future problems.

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WhatsApp Web on computer

Perhaps you will be more comfortable opening WhatsApp on the computer during school hours, since you can mirror the conversations without having to check the phone every so often. However, this tool is a double-edged sword, as it can facilitate communication with your class but can also be a great distraction, especially when you use the same number for private and work matters.


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