Turn on Flashlight: 3 Ways To Turn On Your Mobile Flashlight


The flashlight is a simple function and is present in virtually all smartphones launched since 2010. However, some users still find it difficult to activate the mechanism, especially with the constant updates of cell phone operating systems.

Today TecMundo teaches three ways to activate the flashlight function on your iPhone. Check out:

Turning on the iPhone flashlight

The most practical way to turn on the flashlight is to use the native iOS function, check it out:

1. From any iPhone screen, swipe up until shortcut icons appear (as shown in the image below).

2. Then press the Flashlight button.

3. To turn it off, just press the button again.

Using the Flashlight app

You can also use an app to turn on the flashlight. The advantage is that most of them have extra functions, such as light intensity and types of lighting. Check out:

1. In the App Store, type “Flashlight.” in the search field. Look for the app of the same name (as shown in the image below) and download it for free.

2. Open the “Flashlight.” app.

3. Press the main screen button to turn on the flashlight (as shown in the image below).

4. The application also brings some more options, such as increasing or decreasing the light intensity, the possibility of leaving the flashlight flashing quickly, or leaving it with an effect similar to a car alert.


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