Turn off similar account suggestions on your profile


Instagram makes use of interests, preferences, social media activities, the list of followers, etc. of people to connect with each other

Instagram is now our social media network that helps us maintain all of our communication needs. From text messages to shared photos, live streaming and group calls; Instagram now offers everything. No one can run out of content on Instagram because every time you scroll, it brings you new content that is tailored to your interests and preferences.

The Instagram algorithms monitor your activity on Instagram, Facebook and also make use of the information you have provided in these applications to provide you with the content that they think you would like. Instagram “explorers” or “people you know” use this algorithm and offer you content tailored to your interests and preferences.

You may have noticed that there are times when you watch a video of a dog or a video of makeup, etc., and the next day your “exploration” is awash in the same or similar content. Instagram also recommends people to use a similar algorithm.

Your ‘people you can meet’ often includes people who are friends of your friends, who are present in your contact book, who post content you rarely like but don’t follow, or people you are friends with on Facebook but who not follow on Instagram.

Your profile is also recommended to other people in the same way. This is how people find out about your profile and then send you requests to follow. This system justifies Instagram’s goal of “communication and community development”.

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There may be times when people receive suggestions to follow other people right after they follow you. These recommended people could be your followers. If you wish, you can disable this notification system. If you don’t want such suggestions to appear on your profile, Instagram has a provision that can help you disable it.

How to disable “people you may know”

If you want to disable “people you might know” after someone follows your account, just do these steps:

Log into your Instagram account (browser or app)
Tap on your profile picture and select Edit profile
Click or tap Similar account suggestions and turn it off
Then click or tap Submit


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