Turkish Scientists Develop Diagnostic Kit That Detects Coronary Virus in 10 Minutes


A biotechnology company in Ankara has developed a diagnostic kit that can detect the new type coronavirus (COVID-19) from 10 to 20 minutes. The kit, which consists of three stages of production, is in high demand both from home and abroad.

The COVID-19 disease caused by the new type of coronavirus has infected 384,429 people worldwide and killed 16,591 people since it was first detected in Wuhan, China, late last year. Early diagnosis, like all other pandemic diseases, is of great importance in COVID-19. The new type of coronavirus, which has a rare contagious power, can stay active for 4 hours on the copper surface, 24 hours on the cardboard surface, and 3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces.

A biotechnology company that continues its studies in Ankara has developed a new rapid diagnostic kit within the scope of combating COVID-19. The kit, which can detect the virus in 10 to 20 minutes depending on the patient’s condition, has a production process consisting of three stages.

Genemic engineer Senem Şimşek, who made explanations about the diagnostic kit, stated that they started working from the moment the coronavirus was first seen in the world. “We have developed a kit we were in December. All we have developed in our laboratory. The cases had become more Turkey but we are both in our own nation already volunteer soldiers were the order to serve the world’s health,” said Simsek, he said that 30 thousand diagnostic kit production week.

Stating that they are continuing all stages of production with special devices in their laboratories, Şimşek said, “If we create our own kits, we want to make our experience for the next epidemics and share them with our people, and if production is done on time and tests are done on time, there will be no dependency on the outside.” Saying that they sent their developed kits to 7 different countries, especially Europe and the Middle East, Şimşek said that this number may increase in the coming period.

Finally, Şimşek, who gave information about how the kit works, stated that it is very important to know how long the virus replicated itself after entering the human body. “The more virus molecules there are, the sooner you can catch it with your special kit,” said Şimşek.

“The patient becomes infected with the virus in the first 48 hours, and the number of copies after it happens is very low. 10-15 copies. We set out by targeting this number while producing this kit, but today the first entry of the virus is throat and it can produce hundreds of copies from the moment it enters. Lowest first When it enters, you can see a certain value in 20-23 minutes in about 10 particles, but the virus has changed course, creating hundreds of copies, so people can show all the symptoms within 5-6 days, so millions of viruses are required. we can detect the virus with this kit. “


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