Turkey’s Ministry of Health First Patient About Corona Virus Description


Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Fire Black was the first to share important information about the corona virus disease in Turkey. Saying that the diagnosis was made in the early period, Professor. Dr. Kara said that a lot of patient contact in Turkey from abroad.

Although affected by the corona virus in the four corners of the country, managed to insert the lethal infection through the door for a long time, Turkey has met the first corona virus cases as of yesterday. The Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, who came across the cameras around 00:30 at night, preferred not to go into too much detail, although he shared some information about the patient.

Making a new statement, Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Black Fire, the first corona virus in Turkey (Covidien-19) gave important information about the case. Stating that the person in question is under quarantine, Professor. Dr. Kara said, “We know that he came from abroad and got his virus there. After that came in contact with a lot of contacts in Turkey and that our reach, we currently get under control, we can take up to 14 days in isolation and under said we kept in quarantine, “he said.

Corona virus in Turkey, the first patient had come from abroad:
Saying that the case was detected immediately after showing the symptoms of fever and cough, Professor said. Dr. Kara said that the patient had very few contacts. Stating that the case came from abroad by receiving viruses and that he did not go out too much by evaluating it. Dr. Land, “in Turkey’s right, we’re no longer the case; but this case ‘does not cause dolaşıyordur virus in Turkey. For this reason, we are still going to continue all our measures with the same frequency in our country. ”

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“The virus does not circulate inside, so when you go out on the street today, when you go anywhere, you are unlikely to encounter the virus, or even none,” Professor said. Dr. Kara stated that people with any illnesses should wear masks, especially when moving to or going out to public areas. According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus has infected more than 120,000 people so far, causing a total of 4,284 people to die. Specialists recommend that hands be washed frequently during the day to protect against the virus, and recommend that you stay at least 4 meters away from anyone who looks sick.


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