Turkey Moves to a New Arrived from Volkswagen


announced that it will invest in Turkey but later postponed it several times German car company Volkswagen’s investment, Izmir allocated appeared to place the harbor. It was announced that the factory will be established in Manisa.

Late last year, the correct German automaker Volkswagen announced it was aiming to build a new factory. The factory will be established in the country for a long time been the subject of discussion, had finally decided to make firms in Turkey.

The German firm later delayed its investment in Manisa four times. Another move came from Volkswagen and the German automotive company allocated space from Izmir Port. Regarding the company’s investment, Alper Kanca, President of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), responded.

“Turkey has the advantage of being protected”
Hook, Turkey in favor of the situations that have not changed since the day it announced its decision to invest in Volkswagen said. indicating that the need for such a Volkswagen factory hook, “These investments can establish the fastest and best way in Turkey. Compared with the candidate countries still have the most effective and qualified industrialists in Turkey. Therefore, not much has changed on our side. The company that Volkswagen founded still stands. The land he is considering building the factory is still standing. Overall the only thing changing political situation and military operations side when viewed in Turkey.

There are those who base Volkswagen’s postponement of their investment decision on tax or economic reasons. There are those who say they are based only on political reasons. It is not possible to say anything very clear about this procrastination. We can say that political pressure is the main factor, especially political pressure in Germany. ”

Turkey has an important position
German press in Turkey said that it adversely affected the investment case TAYSAD President, said that the softening in the German public against Turkey. Hook, “My expectation is that German politicians of Turkey’s importance better understand the future seriously raise again the investment and if Volkswagen in the coming years, if set up a factory in this factory direction will be established in Manisa,” he said.

Volkswagen’s investment in Turkey is shaky, the firm was allegedly withdrew this investment. The closure of the company founded in Turkey in Manisa, the company’s land acquisition Longfellow Otomotivciler a deep breath, waiting to invest in the book from the harbor.


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