Turkey, country of 10 Most Viewed coronavirus Case


Turkey, most cases of coronavirus found that among the top 10 countries in the emerging girdi.çin and the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, 828 305 people across the world have been infected and caused 40 735 people lost their lives. One of the most affected countries by the virus outbreak in Turkey. The first case was officially announced in March, and since then the number of cases began to increase rapidly.

@koronareport is Twitter page, in a tweet that at this evening said that Turkey’s most coronavirus specific cases seen among the top 10 countries. The data in the Worldometer also confirms the information in the tweet. It should also be noted that the data on the Worldometer match the data on TÜBİTAK’s COVID-19 page.

Turkey, 10 countries had seen the most coronavirus cases:
Currently, there are 13,531 coronavirus cases in the country. While 214 of these cases died, 243 managed to get rid of the disease. In addition to the number of cases, we are in the 12th place among the countries where the most mortal cases related to the virus occur. According to Worldometer data, the development of the number of cases in the country in the last 10 days is as follows:

March 22 / 1,236 cases
March 23 / 1,529 incidents
March 24 / 1,872 cases
March 25 / 2,433 cases
March 26 / 3,629 cases
March 27 / 5,698 cases
March 28 / 7,402 cases
March 29 / 9,217 cases
March 30 / 10,827 cases
March 31 / 13,531 cases

Most cases of coronavirus found that the top 10 country if the United States, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, Iran, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey. In addition, there are two countries where more than 100 thousand cases have been detected so far and these countries are USA (176.518), Italy (105.792).


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