Turbo Overkill Gets a New Endless Mode


Turbo Overkill gets a new endless mode through a free upgrade, allowing players to push their skills to the limit in this ultra-fast cyberpunk shooter.

WATCH: Adrenaline-fueled endless mode appears in Turbo Overkill

Ultra-fast cyberpunk boomer shooter Turbo Overkill introduces a new endless mode in a free update that will appear in the Steam game with early access.

Turbo Overkill already offers an exciting and exhilarating gameplay with lots of action and blood. But for those who are not satisfied with this, there is now a new toy: endless mode. Starting with Johnny’s Magnums, Waster shotgun, and chainsaw legs, players can fight endless waves of enemies until they fall. The arena also offers various challenges as players can choose between multiple difficulty levels and different enemy spawn options. Regardless of the difficulty level, the enemies will eventually get to you as they get stronger after each fight, and eventually they will come and take Johnny away as they will overtake his strength and might.

But don’t worry, as Johnny himself gets stronger over time, as he can also improve himself every sixth round with the help of a significant improvement in his half-human-half-machine body. Only time will tell when you’ll fall, but there’s always hope right around the corner. In addition, players can also replenish ammunition and spend money on purchases every three rounds. Hold out long enough and you can get something new that will help you hold out even longer.

Finally, the game will now have a leaderboard specifically for Endless Mode, so make sure you keep your combos and your kill chain, and keep them together to earn more points and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Now this is another problem that you can overcome by breaking through this cybernetic scum!

Want to try the action? You can download the Turbo Overkill demo on Steam.


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