Tuning season 2: Netflix series back to streaming in 2021


With new episodes scheduled to enter the Netflix streaming catalog in 2021, Sintonia won a publicity announcement. Created and directed by KondZilla (Konrad Cunha Dantas), the continuation of the series will have the point of view of three different characters: Doni (Jotapê Carvalho), Nando (Christian Malheiros) and Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas).

In season 2, the story from the perspective of these three main characters shows whether they will be able to maintain what they have achieved without forgetting their origins. Raised under the great influence of funk, drugs and the church, the three transformed themselves over time and used their life experiences to follow different paths.

Recorded in real communities and with music produced in the studio, check out the announcement for the 2nd season of Tuning!

Tuning on Netflix

With six episodes of 45 minutes each, the 2nd season of Sintonia intends to exceed the expectations of its fans. Its creator, KondZilla, says that in addition to following his instincts and heart in the first season, these new episodes will add to the energy of the audience that felt represented by the series.

The intention is to produce something even bigger and more intense, trying to make fans identify even more with the series.


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