Tumble-proof: Android will warn users of obstacles on the way


Tumble-proof: That smartphones are great for distracting the mind from day to day, everyone already knows. What few people remember is that a lack of attention can lead to countless accidents. With that in mind, Google should launch a new feature to help its most distracted users.

According to information from The Verge, the beta version of the Digital Wellness application will receive the Heads Up function, which detects whether the user is using the device while walking, reminding him to take care of what is around him.

The feature sends the following warning: “If you are walking at the same time that you are using your cell phone, get a reminder to focus on what is around you”. The message, however, points out that the feature is not a substitute for the user to pay more attention.

The update should ask the user’s permission to identify what the person is doing, with the difference between an ordinary walk and a physical activity.

The function is now available to some users of Google Pixel devices. However, it seems that it will take longer for other brands like Samsung and Xiaomi to receive the update. With the novelty, some users are already expecting the company to implement this feature to use in the car, while driving.


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