Tula, the AI recorder that captures only audio


Sound technology has come a long way in recent years and we have seen that especially in headphones. And we are not referring to the integration of Bluetooth and touch controls, but we are referring to the use of noise cancellation. This has reached mobile phones, where we have seen cases where AI was able to offer good audio quality depending on the user’s needs. And with this in mind we give you an improvement for audio capture thanks to the Tula AI recorder.

A noise-canceling recorder

The tape recorder is one of the most used tools in the world of journalism or investigation. You may have a smartphone on hand that has its own, so you won’t have to get one again if the quality is good. But we find great improvements in the world of sound and thanks to artificial intelligence everything changes for the better. We have the clear case of the LG Velvet, a terminal that helps you to suppress ambient sound in your recordings and catch only the person’s voice.

And this technology is also present in a tool that is useless to call, but to fulfill the task that has been given. We are talking about the Tula recorder. Its design is very careful and it is also very small, perfect to take it everywhere. It has analog buttons to increase or decrease the volume of the playback, a minijack socket, Bluetooth and USB C connection.

What is the best this device offers? Your artificial intelligence. As it is such a small and specific device, it is intended for a single purpose, which is neither more nor less than a noise cancellation system. The omni-directional cardioid microphone picks up everything around it, but it is software that helps cancel out ambient noise and prioritize the voices of the interlocutors with total clarity. In addition, you do not have to worry about autonomy since it lasts 14 hours.

The price of a very cheap recording system
Another of the curiosities of this gadget is the price. It may be expensive, but professional recording equipment is very expensive and in the case of Tula it reaches almost 200 euros.


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