Tua Tagovailoa told what he talked about with Tom Brady


On Wednesday, the Miami Dolphins traveled to Tampa Bay to take part in a joint training session with the Pirates.

This preseason event gave third—year Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa the opportunity to reflect on one of football’s greatest active minds, Tom Brady.

Tua said he received valuable information from the 23-year-old NFL veteran, but decided to keep that information to himself.

“I managed to talk to Tom. We’ve been talking on the side for quite a while,” Tagovailoa said, according to Buccaneers insider Rick Stroud. “He asked me how my offseason went. We talked a little bit about golf at the same time…

“For the most part, 23 years of playing, it’s a long time, it’s a lot of knowledge, so I asked him about some things and he gave me a good idea, but I’ll leave it between me and Tom. And if you guys want to ask Tom, go and ask him.”

Tua is preparing for his third season with the Dolphins after the ups and downs early in his NFL career. And with several new and improved offensive weapons at its disposal (for example, Tyreek Hill), the former fifth peak in the overall standings is under serious pressure to succeed in 2022.

Perhaps Brady’s preseason advice will help Tua meet his expectations next season.


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